Mobile Services 

We offer mobile services we’re we bring the pamper party to your home or any venue you choose please find our packages below

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  • On arrival glitter tattoos 
  • Selection princess outfits for everyone 
  • Nails painted 
  • Face painting 
  • Princess hair styles 
  • Full set up chair covers pink sashes 
  • We do ask that you provide table and chairs 

8-10 girls for £250

Any additional children £20 a head 
Duration 1 hour 30 mins
Travel will be applied after 10 miles


  • On arrival coloured tutus 
  • Hair braids with glitters 
  • Face gems with lip gloss eyeshadow 
  • Nails painted with glitters 
  • Glitter tattoos

6 girls £160
8 girls £200

Any additional children £20 a head
Chairs and table must be provided
We will supply chair covers and pink bows for the chairs along side a table cover


  • Nails painted 
  • Makeovers 
  • Glitter tattoos 
  • Birthday girls face gems 

8-10 girls £140

Any additional children £20 a head
Full set up with white chair covers and pink sashes with pop up signage for photos


  • On arrival spa robes for each guest
  • Head bands
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Soothing face masks
  • Foot spas
  • Nails painted choose fingers or toes
  • Mini make overs
  • Birthday girls hair styled
  • On arrival we will set up with our white chair covers and pink sashes you can choose pink throws for an alternative if you prefer

6 girls £160
8 girls £200

Any additional children £20 a head
Travel will be added on after 10 miles
We ask that there is access to warm water along side table and chairs to host the party


  • On arrival we will set up our very own life size barbie box for photos 
  • Barbie makeovers 
  • Barbie nails 
  • Barbie glasses for selfie box 
  • Barbie glitter tattoos 
  • Barbie hair styles with pink dazzling glitter

6 girls £160
8 girls £200

Any additional children £20 a head 
Duration 1 hour 10 mins for 6 girls
1 hour 15 mins for 8 girls


  • 6 teepees
  • 6 beds
  • 6 sheets with light blankets 
  • 6 foot spas 
  • Soothing face masks with hot chocolate 
  • Spa robes


These will be left the night before and collected the day after the sleep over
We require 8ft by 8ft space to fit. Unfortunately we can’t work with any less.
Please make sure and measure before booking thanks.
Travel will be applied.


  • Spa robes
  • Foot spas
  • Face masks
  • Gazebo set up with decorations
  • Nails painted
  • Mini make overs
  • Glitter tattoos
  • Birthday girls hair styled
  • (Gazebo is only used in better weather )
  • Set up on the day of use for the party then taken away again

8 Girls £270

Space required 3m x 3m, has to be on concrete. If grass, the area must be flat and dry. Gazebo can also be booked separately for any of our packages above.
Any additional children £20 a head.
Travel will be applied.


  • On arrival spa robes
  • Beauty bed set up
  • Mini facials
  • Soothing foot spas
  • Nails painted fingers and toes
  • Birthday girls hair styled 
  • Champagne Flutes with Fizz
  • Selection of Chocolates

6 Girls £200

Any additional children £20 a head.
Maximum 8.
Travel will be applied.

Terms & Conditions

We ask all forms are given over before the party either in paper form or email, we ask these are all kept together.
We ask the party host who books to take full responsibility on passing on information to the parents of the children attending .
We ask on arrival there is facilities available for us to use – this will depend on which package has been booked. We will message what is needed before the actual day.
All our deposits are non refundable under any circumstances.
Travel will be applied after a 10 mile radius. 
Any one who needs invoices for deposits or final balance please contact us to ask prior to the party.
We can advise we have the right to refuse or cancel any booking when we are dealing with unacceptable customer behaviour. 
Any deposits not paid at time of bookings will mean that a booking isn’t secure. 
We aim to make your booking transition as easy as possible and always advise parents to read these terms and conditions before making any payment.
Thank you.